Response written to response.txt Mission Statement - Church of the 49ers, Columbia CA

Our Mission Statement

We are the Church of the 49ers where God is the gold. We serve and worship God in spirit and in the truth of Scriptures. We live by faith and will be known by our love for others and our voice of hope.

Our Values

  • We are a caring and nurturing place in which all are welcome to worship
  • We are a Christ-centered church in which the Bible is the true word of God
  • We minister to the needs of our members and others through loving discipleship
  • We are a strong and compassionate member of the community by providing for the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors, especially the disadvantaged, abused and powerless
  • We support Christian missions locally, nationally and internationally
  • We foster our historical legacy going back to the Gold Rush days
  • We are a Presbyterian (ECO) structure in worship and governance
  • We celebrate life as God’s gift
  • We faithfully pray for those in need
  • We believe Jesus Christ has sent the church into the world to make and multiply his disciples
  • We are culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure
  • We believe lost people matter to God and that’s why they matter to the church