Response written to response.txt Worship - Church of the 49ers, Columbia CA


The Church of the 49ers has a traditional choir singing classical music and hymns for worship. The 49er Choir is a small group of musicians led by director Barbara Broad, and many are also members of the Columbia College Community Chorus. The choir sings twice each month, and more often for Easter and Christmas. On other Sundays, music is a mixture of traditional hymns, contemporary worship songs and spirituals. Musical instruments used for worship include piano, organ, hand bells, guitar and violin.


Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month, and when we remember the Lord’s Supper. If you honor Jesus as your savior, you are welcome to participate. The bread (gluten-free is available – ask an usher) is served first while we’re seated in the pews, and held until all can eat together. Grape juice is served in a similar manner. More information about our understanding of Communion can be found in the Essential Tenets of ECO (Link to ECO page).